Mom and Daughter Build Tiny House

Sicily Kolbeck, her mother, Suzannah, and dad/husband Dane decided on the perfect school project – a tiny house. Things were a little rocky at first but with determination the family moved forward with the project until everything slammed to a halt when Suzannah’s was informed her husband, Dane had been killed in a car accident., but Dane had been […]

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1st Tiny House Hotel in the United States

Deb Delman and Kol Peterson are the proprietors of Caravan Hotel in Portland, Oregon which is the first operational tiny house hotel in the U.S. Currently Delman and Peterson offer 3 different models. There is the 160 sq. ft. Tandom, the 120 sq.ft. Rosebud, and the 90 sq. ft. Pearl. Caravan is located on a lot […]

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Hank Buys A Bus Then Calls It Home

Hank Butitta was a frustrated architecture student who decided to turn concepts into reality by transforming a school bus into his thesis and 255 square foot mobile home. Floors are reclaimed gym flooring and lighting is high efficient dimmable LED. Design concepts many of which are theoretical can become poorly understood notes Hank.

Small Japanese Home Uses Light To Appear Larger

Okay so the video was made in 2008 but after you see it you’ll have to agree. Architect Yasuhiro Yamashita makes a box and then slices out the corner and adds glass. I guess you can’t classify it as a tiny house but you definitely classify it as small, elegant, and brilliantly designed. It’s a […]